About the Co-Founders

We both love the concept of SixPence for completely different reasons. It is a testament to how this app can and will appeal to a variety of couples.
I’m not sure who was more excited for my wedding in 2010, my mom or my now-husband and me. As the only daughter, my mom had an idea of what she wanted my wedding to be like since I was a little girl. She wanted it to be classic and elegant with timeless touches of which included antique silver bowls as centerpieces. While we had a few of these items, we certainly didn’t have enough for our 250 person wedding. My mom, while battling Ovarian cancer, traveled to every antique store, festival and road show in the area. While I’m sure she enjoyed this in her retirement and as a distraction from her illness, many engaged couples don’t have the luxury of time to complete the hunt for the perfect item. If she or I could have simply used Sixpence, I am confident we would have been able to locate these items and valuable time could have been spent on other tasks. While post-wedding some items were sentimental, many of the items could have been sold to other couples for their special day.
I am a bargain hunter and negotiator at the core of my existence. Growing up, my mom taught me the thrill of finding quality items – not junk, for a great deal. I was fully anticipating there being a site in existence that empowered brides and grooms to sell to one another to generate some savings. So when I was engaged to be married in 2014, I was shocked there was not an easy to
use platform for engaged persons to buy and sell goods. For me, the proposition of having a beautiful wedding that looked like a $100K affair for only $40K was a challenge I had been preparing and training for my entire life! I was determined enough that I found Wedding Vendor estate sales and other avenues to find good deals. Many couples will not have the time or interest in making such efforts. There is power in collaboration and cutting the wedding vendors creating “white noise” out of the equation to allow couples to interact. That is why I will fight with vigor to create a forum to enable just that – making the unattainable wedding, attainable.